It’s a TRUNK sale

November 30th, Wednesday night only, 6-9pm, 4 designers descend on Tasty to sell their handmade goodness direct to YOU! Save 15% on all Tasty art during the sale!
* Haute Goat Cashmere, eco-friendly fashion from 100% recycled cashmere
* Spiderfelt creates distinctive wearable fiber art with handmade felt
* Mellington Cartwright, award-winning jeweler who makes conceptual wearable metal art
* Art Willeau selling unique, one of a kind headdresses for parties, performance & play

Come for the unique designs and discounts on Tasty art, stay for the champagne cocktails and festive atmosphere!
Up on the walls at Tasty through December 6th, “sugarscapes”, a group exhibit featuring art from Jenna Colby, Stella Latwinski and Brenda Dunn.

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